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Quandt’s Landscapes has a career landscaper at it’s helm. Peter Quandt brings over 30 years of landscape design and installation experience to the Northwest Landscape industry. In Colorado, Peter owned and operated a landscape installation company for 19 years.

Now landscaping (working for Toucan Services) in the land of Bluffton/Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, the same experience and eye apply.


Peter has a reputation for natural rock setting. The concept being to set his work apart from companies and homeowners installation of decorative rock boulders. The most common installation of boulders is as single settings and/or placed on top of the ground. Peter’s concept for setting boulders is to set them into the ground, as if they may be naturally occurring. The final grade is worked in around these boulders, to continue the “naturally occurring” theme.

As a landscape contractor in Portland and other areas both west and north of Portland, Quandt's  Landscapes serves much more than hardscapes in Portland.

Water Features are installed with the same “naturally occurring” concept of rock and feature appeal. While “bubblers” have a special appeal and lend themselves most readily to pondless water features, there is nothing more soothing than a water feature which appears as if the water simply rises out of the earth, spilling into a stream and/or pond(s), offering a variety of water language often missed by other landscaping companies.

Peter also believes in using “native” plants, where applicable, in the landscape. While “cookie cutter” style plantings may be appropriate for many landscapes, the use of “natives” and natural plantings can make the individual home stand out. As well, “natural style” pruning can keep the individual landscape both neat and unique from the neighbors. Where the use of “natives” especially works in the landscape is on the properties that stand a little more “aloof” from the neighborhoods.

Pergolas and Patios can also be installed as if they were always there. These can not only add to the invitation from the landscape to spend time there, they accent the same.

By focusing on residential landscape installations, only, Peter is able to work with the individual homeowners to create a landscape that works for them. As well, homeowners appreciate that the same person who meets with them initially, is the person doing the work in their yard.

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