Decks – Natural Wood and Composite

Decks can be added to many homes to create a unique outdoor social and private space. These spaces can meet a door or indoor floor height, without having to traverse steps. This is advantageous especially in the wetter times of year, here in the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, Decks can serve as a transitional space between indoor living and the outdoor landscape.

There are a number of natural woods, as well as composite materials to choose from. These give the homeowner many years of relatively maintenance free access to the outdoors. In this day and age it is important to pay attention to the appeal of a natural wood deck.  Also know that many of the foreign hardwoods are now sustainably harvested.

Of course, an option to a deck would be a patio of pavers, or natural stone. See Patio Options at

Cedar Deck 42'x10'
Cedar Deck 42’x10′

Deck of Kayu Mas and Red Meranti handrailimg_2740 img_2741

Deck of Kayu Mas

As a transitional space, your deck can offer an immediate out of the door space that feels like an expansion of the inner living environment. This can offer an easy access to your barbecue, visit with the weather, overview of your landscape or even to additional hardscape living space, such as a patio.

Accent your deck with various types of built in and mobile sitting areas, tables, potted plants (which can be a great part of the transition from inner living to outdoor landscape). In some of the smaller yards, the deck may be the prime solution to having access to the out of doors, without investing in much of a landscape other than that. They offer places where you can relax and enjoy having people over for a barbecue, birthday party, or other event where the size of your home does not allow the room to accommodate many extra people visiting.

More options:

Trex decking, Cedar handrail with Black Aluminum spindles

Whatever the reason for adding a deck to your home, this space can be adapted to your own tastes, needs and limitations.

Simple Cedar screening between close neighbors