Patios Before and After

Let’s look at your existing patio or situation and see how to update and upgrade your patio. See the difference. You can expand the existing patio, or replace it altogether.

Original brick patio
Original brick patio

Rosetta Pavers with sitting wall of block and flagstone cap

Rosetta Pavers with sitting wall of block and flagstone cap.

Existing concrete patio expanded using Oregon Block Fieldstone Pavers over the existing concrete and additional compacted base. While the intention was to have a larger patio, the combined installation provides an all-one effect.







Existing concrete patio kept as is, new Fire Pit and Sitting Walls bring a whole new life and versatility to the area.







Raised patio, level with existing sidewalk, expanding the usable area. Holland Pavers supported with Manor Stone wall.

Existing rear concrete patio prior to overlay.

Existing crushed pottery base finished out with 2’x2′ Mutual Materials terra cotta colored pavers over compacted base material. Steps are of Oregon Block wall block risers capped with 2’x2′ pavers (cut to size) and faced with tiles supplied by homeowner.