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Patio Seating and Kitchen

This project, on Hilton Head Island, is a collaborative patio expansion, adding a kitchen, lighting, seating and fire pit.

The existing patio was expanded on the long side by 3′. On one end, the patio was expanded by 10′, and a kitchen is being installed by Summer Breeze Outdoor Kitchens. https://summerbreezeoutdoor.com/

(patio expanded by 3′, patio seating and fire pit added)

Also added is high back seating, using wall block and Bluestone flagstone seat and cap pieces. All corners and edges are rounded, for both a softer look and softer feel (limiting the ouchness brought on by the sharper edges).

The Cedar pergola is a pre-cut kit ordered and installed by the homeowner (with a little help from his friends). (10′ of patio added to existing, pergola by homeowner, kitchen)

Additionally, lighting was added to the seating and the steps down from the upper deck.

Wall block is Tremron Stonegate and pavers are Tremron Olde Towne. Color of both is Sierra.

For additional photos of this project, see Quandt’s at: https://www.facebook.com/Quandtslandscapes.

See other patio options at: https://quandtslandscapes.com/patio-options/, and see other seating options at: https://quandtslandscapes.com/patios-before-and-after/

Another 10′ of seating is to be added, once the materials are again available.

Sitting Wall and Steel Planters

A sitting wall and steel planters were  added to a previously installed paver patio. The wall block is of AB (Allen Block) Free Standing Wall block and cap, with a flat cap on the added column, for continued seating and a handsome end to the wall.

Paver patio materials by Mutual Materials

Steel planters are custom built and can be made to fit almost any landscape needs.

Custom made steel planter

The sitting wall is the primary intention to finish this patio arrangement. Adding planting boxes gives a continued depth to the area and the possibilities for usage are many. Add annuals, perennials, veggies, herbs, or other plantings. Create additional accents and warmth to the sitting area.

Sitting wall with steel planters behind.









Other options:

You can also use your retaining style wall to serve as a sitting wall. This allows for additional seating along your formal and informal patio.









Add seating to your Fire Pit area.

Sitting Wall with matching Fire Pit – Allan Block Courtyard Wall Block








Wall Block with cut Flagstone cap









Steel Planters can be built in different sizes and shapes. Use them as backup features, stand alone accents, raised beds for higher profiles.

Steel Planter for herbs

See also: https://www.facebook.com/Quandtslandscapes/

See also: https://www.facebook.com/Quandtslandscapes/


Patio Options

Capriana Combo Pavers and Highland Stone block wall and fire pit
Capriana Combo Pavers and Highland Stone block wall and fire pit

Rosetta Pavers with Highland free standing sitting wall, capped with Flagstone and Fire Pit
Rosetta Grand Flagstone Pavers with Highland free standing sitting wall, capped with Flagstone and Fire Pit

Barn Plank pavers
Barn Plank pavers

Holland Pavers
Holland Pavers

Cut Bluestone Flagstone
Cut Bluestone Flagstone

Edger Stone as front landing and walkway
Edger Stone as front landing and walkway

400 square foot driveway of Cobble Park pavers
400 square foot driveway of Cobble Park pavers


Oregon Block Fieldstone Pavers – St. Helens Blend

Oregon Block Fieldstone Pavers – Rocky Mt. Blend with St. Helens border

Working with materials from site

See also: https://quandtslandscapes.com/fire-pits/

See also: https://www.facebook.com/Quandtslandscapes/


Quandt’s Landscapes, Hardscapes and Plantings

Quandt’s landscapes, hardscapes and plantings, in keeping with tradition, are always installed with the homeowner, quality and longevity in mind. Quandt’s Landscapes installs water features, hardscapes and plantings. Landscape designs are available. Peter also installs landscapes presented on other designs presented by the homeowner.

As such, all work is warrantied.

Quandt’s installs hardscapes, including water features, patios, retaining walls, sitting walls, various forms of pergolas, gazebos, decks and custom fencing.

Quandt’s also installs plantings. The landscape work that Peter has done in Colorado included a great depth of local and native plantings. Plantings by Peter are to work with the somewhat different plant material available in Oregon, while continuing using to work toward using Native and Local plant material in the landscapes.

Quandt’s residential landscape work covers the greater Portland area, St. Helens, Scappoose, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Forest Grove and all points in between. Please inquire if your area is withing these bounds.